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Creative Charms Oval and Heart shaped finishing forms for all your needlework
projects.  Adaptable for ornaments, pendants, pins, barrettes, key tags - whatever you can
think of.  Finishing instructions included on back of pack.  Sizes and prices given below.

accessory mhcc1 creative charm small heart

MHCC1 Creative Charm Small Heart form  $5.60
Size of small heart is 1 7/8"h x 2 1/8"w.

MHCC2  Creative Charm Medium Heart  $5.60
Size of mediun heart is 2.5"h x 2.75"w.

accessory mhcc2 creative charm medium heart
accessory mhcc3 creative charm small oval

MHCC3  Creative Charms Small Oval  $5.60
Size of small oval is 2 1/4"h x 1 3/4"w.

MHCC4  Creative Charms Medium Oval  $5.60
Size of medium oval is 2 3/4"h x 2 1/4"w

accessory mhcc4 creative charm medium oval
Shawl Pin Berry 070857 by Paradise Shawl Pins

SP41503  Berry Shawl Pin by Paradise  $7.80
Stick part measures approximately 5.5" and the circle
part measures approximately 2 3/4" x 1 3/4"
on the outer edge. 

Shawl pin Mahogany 074487 by Paradise Exotic Shawl Pins

SP43703  Cinnamon Mahogany Shawl Pin by Paradise  $12.55
Shawl pin measures 2 1/4 x 3 inch and the stick measures 5 3/4"

Tatting Needle N3 N5 N7 large, medium, fine

Needles for tatting - there are several sizes of needles for tatting and you need
to use the appropriate one for the thread/yarn you intend to tat with.  At present I
have 3 sizes in stock.  Each needle comes in it's own carrying tube with instructions
and a pattern

N3 - Large needle used with size 10 thread, baby yarn and pearl cotton #3 - $3.85 each

N5 - Medium needle used with size 10 thread, size 20 thread and pearl cotton #5 -
$3.85 each

N7 - Fine needle used with size 50 thread, size 40 thread, size 30 thread, size 20 thread,
pearl cotton #8 and pearl cotton #12 - $3.85 each

Bead Loom

Bead Loom 11in Hard Wood Designed  for wide pattern weaving with
ordinary seed beads or "Delica" beads as  would be required for beaded bags.
This loom is suitable for any width up to 11in and lengths up to 36in. The
raised frame incorporates a warp  frame which simplifies the preparation
of the warp and incorporates  integral warp tension control. Made of
hardwood with clear, hard finish.
Manufacturer: Lacis
Manf. #: LB98
UPC: 824649001668
SKU: 070267
Needlework Plus price is $44.95  Item LB98

Acc Cross Stitch Project Cards Small

PS3P Cross Stitch Project Cards Small - $1.89
Holds 9 colors and needles - has attached
magnetic holder.  Each pack contains 3 small
project cards.

PN3P  Needlework Project Cards - $3.45
Holds 20 colors of thread or yarn and needles - has attached
magnetic holder.   Each pack contains 3 project cards.

Acc Needlework Project Cards PN3P
Acc Tap Needles 24 & 26 with case

Tapestry Needles & Magnetic Case

CN24 contains pack of 6 size #24 tapestry needles plus
magnetic needle case - $1.90 per pk

CN2426 contains combination of #24 and #26
tapestry needles ( 3 each ) plus magnetic needle
case - $2.60 per pack

Acc Beading Necessities Kit

BN2  Beading Necessities Kit - $3.75 each
Pack contains 6 beading needles, wire threader, bead nabber
and magnetic needle case.

Acc Magnetic Needle Case

CN1  Magnetic Needle Case - $1.55 each
Holds dozens of needles - measures 2.75" in

Acc Sharpening Stone with sheath

GS-Stone $8.25
Knife edge sharpening stone and leather
sheath by gingher.

Thread Heaven thread conditioner

PBSW Thread Heaven Blister Pack
$3.20 Each

Pg 2

Plastic Needle Cases

#3149NT   Short plastic needle
case measuring 1-7/8" long
and 3/8" diameter.  $.25 each

#3154NT  Long plastic needle
case measuring 2-5/8" long
and 3/8" diameter.  $.25 each

YLI clear invisible thread great for beading

WT212 Wonder Invisible Thread
1500 yds per spool
$3.20 each

Acc Bead Bauble Wheel

#2083  Bead Bauble Wheel  $3.20
12 compartments to hold beads while
you work.

#3263  3" Round Metal Finishing Form  $4.80 - 2 PK

#3266  1.75 x 2.75" Oval Metal Finishing Form  $9.60 - 2PK

Acc Metal Finishing Forms
Acc Needle Nest needle holder

#2667 Needle Nest   $3.10
Plastic case with clear lid containing 2 Size 8 sharp needles.
Measures 2 3/4 x 3".

Acc Tacky Bob needle holder

#8795  Tacky Bob  $6.80
Inside acrylic top and bottom are covered with an acid free
tacky surface to hold beads securely while you work. Perfect
for travel or at home.

Acc 1 Needle Threader with Cutter

#248  Needle Threader W/Cutter by Dritz  $0.95
Recessed cutter protects fingers.

Acc Heart  NeedleThreader

#7413  Heart Needle Threader  $5.45
Fine steel wire comes with a black back for better
visibility.  Measures about 1" wide.

Acc Needle Threader & Magnifier by Dritz

#53  Needle Threader & Magnifier by Dritz  $1.20
For most hand and machine needles.

#10500 Dritz Needle Threaders
-  2PK - $0.99 per pk


Acc Jiffy Needle Threaders 2Pk
Thread cutter pendant by Clover

Thread Cutter Pendant
  #3104  $5.20

Tote Laurel Burch Long Neck Cats shoulder bag 19 x 7 x 15

Long Neck Cats shoulder tote by Laurel Burch  $39.95
Tote measures 19 across by 15 high by 7 inches wide.  Zipper
closing, internal lining along with 3 inside pockets to hold
extra thread, needles and scissors.  Will hold a needlepoint
project on stretcher bars quite comfortably.  Other
sizes and designs available and I'll add those to my pages as
they come in.  Item LB5611.

Lacis Cord and Fringe maker battery operated

Lacis Cord and Fringe Maker - Battery Operated  $25.95
The Lacis Cord maker and Fringe Twister 11 is operated
by 2 "AA" batteries and allows you to easily make decorative
cords as suited to tassels, ties, fashion trimmings and jewelry.
Twisted fringes for warp ends and tassels.

Adjustable stretcher bars

Adjustable Stretcher Bars by Frank A Edmunds.  The wooden bars on this stretcher
bar slide up, down and side to side.  They can be adjusted with your canvas attached
and hold your canvas tight.  Light weight and reusable these stretcher bars are easy to
assemble and adjust to multiple size combinations.  Please specify size when ordering.

4008FA  8" Adjustable Stretcher Bars Set of 4 - $12.50 per set

4012FA  12" Adjustable Stretcher Bars Set of 4 - $13.95 per set

4016FA  16" Adjustable Stretcher Bars Set of 4 - $15.95              

Stitch N'Scroll split dowel ratchet frame Size 9 x 18 -  $18.75

This nifty frame is made of durable heavy duty plastic
and eliminates the need for tacking or taping.  Ideal for
cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel and embroidery.  Simply
lay the fabric or canvas edge on 1/2 of the split dowel, cover
with the second half of the dowel and insert in the side
pieces.  Tighten with the key and you're ready to stitch.
Ratchet assembly allows for ease of movement up and down.

Ratchet frame

Pg 2