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Hand Painted Canvas

Hand Painted Canvases by Tapestry Tent Design, Sandra
Gilmore and Tapestry Tent.  Prices and sizes vary.  If you have any
questions, please e-mail us at
Other canvases available by special order.  Please go to
www.susanrobertsneedlepoint.com to view Tapestry Tent canvases
and Susan Roberts canvases.  Please go to www.fleurdeparis.com
to view more canvases by Sandra Gilmore.

Np Red Santa with Green Gift needlepoint Tapestry Tent

LGDAXS475  Red Santa with Green Gift 18ct needlepoint
canvas by Tapestry Tent  $249.75

Needlepoint Christmas stocking measures approximately
13 1/2 ( heel to toe ) x 21 inches ( top edge to bottom of toe ).

NP 3D Christmas Tree 18ct Canvas red or Green

3D 5 inch Christmas Tree 18ct needlepoint canvas in
green  $51.50

There are 4 separate pieces of canvas per tree in 18ct green canvas.
Stitching and thread guide is included with canvas. 

Needlepoint Santa Stocking Large

16-067  Nicholas by Sandra Gilmore  $199.95
Stocking measures 12 x 22 1/2" on 14ct mono canvas.

Needelpoint Angel Stocking

16-073  Gift of Love by Sandra Gilmore  $149.95
Stocking measures 12 x22" on 14ct mono canvas.

NP Burning Bush Canvas0001

LB101  Burning Bush needlepoint canvas  $143.95
Hand painted needlepoint canvas by Rishfeld Designs ( Laura.
Bolter - artist ).  Design measures 15 x 15 painted on 13ct
mono canvas.  Think rayon or silk for shine and metallic
for sparkle.  More canvases can be seen at www.rishfelddesigns.com.
Please email sales@needleworkplus.com for questions and
special orders.

Needlepoint Lion Brick Cover

Item 0386  Lion Brick Cover by Susab Roberts
Needlepoint  $84.00

Design hand painted on 14 ct mono and siezed
to cover a standard brick.

Needlepoint Sanoma Wine Country

SG18-610  Sanoma by Sandra Gilmore  $149.95
Design measures 10 1/2 H x 16 1/2 wide hand
painted on 14ct mono canvas.

Needlepoint Holiday Spirit Needlepoint Shop Canvas

ED-18003  Needlepoint Shop canvas
$125.00 canvas and stitch guide.

This little cutie is stitched on 18ct canvas
in 4 pieces and is part of the Holiday
Spirit Village shop series by Dede's
Needleworks.  In stock.

Hand painted needlepoint ornaments by Tapestry Tent ( Susan Roberts
Needlepoint Designs ) on 18ct mono canvas.  Prices for canvas only.

Needlepoint Santa Arctic Friends Orn #184
NP Blue Angel Ornament

TTOR184 Santa/Arctic Friends  $55.95
Design measures 5 3/4" x 8 1/4" high.

TTOR171 Santa in Leopard Frame  $55.95
Design measures 6 1/2" x 10" at points

TTOR135  Blue Angel  $48.00
Design size 3 3/4" x 6 3/4" high

SG18311  Iona By Sandra Gilmore  $42.00
Design measures approximately 4 W x 6 1/2" H
hand painted on 18ct pearlescent mono canvas.

Needlepoint Santa in Leopard frame Orn #171
Needlepoint Iona Fairy by Sandra Gilmore
Needlepoint Penguin with Umbrella

ED-1319C  Penguin with Umbrella canvas  $28.95
Design measures 4 W x  5 1/4 H on 18ct white
mono canvas.

Needlepoint Turquoise and gold Strawberry

ED-1330H  Turquoise and Gold Strawberry canvas

Design measures about 1 1/2 W x 3 1/4 H when
finished into strawberry.

Needlepoint Strawberry Photo

Photo of some finished strawberrys - can be stuffed with
cotton batting or emery.  Top strawberry with ribbon, etc
of your choice.